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PUC exam 2023: A team of specialists will set multiple-choice test questions at the district level.

This year, question papers will be prepared at the district level for both the preparatory and I PUC final exams. The new format is probably acceptable for students since they will have to select from a list of options while responding to questions on tests.

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The Department of Pre-University Education used to set the PUC exam question papers in the central office, which they then transported to all the districts. But this year, a panel made up of the district-level deputy directors of the PU board will determine the exam questions, which will be distributed to the students taking the test. The district-level question papers are now being prepared.

For the students of I PUC, a new model question paper with multiple choice responses will be given starting this year. As the question paper format will be comparable, this action is meant to make it easier for students to pass the II PUC exams. The revised format will also be used for the I PUC preparation tests.

Preparatory exams for the II PUC will be held in the Dakshina Kannada district from January 23 to February 4. Preparatory exams for the I PUC will also be taken during this time. From February 20 to March 2, I PUC students will take their final exams.

The question papers for the preliminary, practical, and final exams for the first PUC as well as the preliminary tests for the second PUC will be determined at the district level. Previously, after being established by the department, the question papers were printed at the district level. This procedure was viewed as a step toward assisting the district-level experts team in creating the exam questions. This year, all of the PU colleges in the districts will receive the question papers after they have been distributed to the deputy director’s committee for approval and set by the district-level experts.

According to deputy director Jayanna, a committee has been established in the Dakshina Kannada district for this reason.

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