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Pumpwell Circle – Trending Troll now using Google Map

The Pumpwell ghost has returned to haunt the Dakshina Kannada MP. On the Google Map, some miscreants have included false markers such as’ Pumpwall – The Great Wall of Pumpwell ‘and’ Nalin Kumar Seasonal Lake, ‘and screenshots of the map have been trending on social media.

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The markers are seen as a retaliation for recent flooding at the Pumpwell Flyover due to heavy rains. Although a cyber expert and verified Google user, reported the mischief to Google authorities on Saturday, only one marker – Nalin Kumar Seasonal Lake – was removed, while another remained on the map on Sunday. Dakshina Kannada MP was attacked because the Pumpwell Flyover took nearly a decade to build before it opened to the public a year ago.


 It was informed that another marker was not removed because it had a lot of reviews. Some of the reviews were from verified users, and they have described the Pumpwall as a ‘great monument,’ and others, making its removal difficult. It was also mentioned that the marker should be removed immediately in the interest of Mangaluru because it could lead to people being misled.


Google Maps is a crowdsourced map, so anyone can add’ markers ‘or labels indicating locations. While most people use the option to mark their business establishments on the map to help users find them, some people abuse it for political gain and other reasons. In contrast to Wikipedia, which is also open-source, cyber experts claim that the person who places markers on Google Maps will remain anonymous because it is a closed source and does not require a login. However, the IP address will be recorded, and either the police or Google will be able to trace it.


As per law, the misguiding marker is a ‘Computer-related crime’ under Section 66 of the IP Act, which can result in three years in prison and a Rs 1 lakh fine if a person is found guilty of committing such a crime. According to the Intermediary Guidelines and Social Media Ethics Code 2021, the Google nodal officer in India is required to respond to any such complaints immediately.

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