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Rescue ‘Tail’ of Sakshi Sunil

Pets are a part of modern lifestyle. People purchase pets or adopt them; They say it makes them feel complete. But people tend to forget that stray animals- on the road, hungry, hurt and weak are also living creatures. They also deserve our love,concern and affection.

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Among the crowd of animal lovers, dwells a compassionate soul-Sakshi Sunil, who has been taking care and protecting the inarticulate stray creatures. Hailing from Surathkal region of Dakshina Kannada, Mrs. Sakshi Sunil has been rescuing the stray animals and treating them at home for the past 12 years.

Talking about this service of hers, she zealously voices her love for all sorts of creatures, from her childhood. She also recalls her early expeditions of rescuing waif cats and also the regrets as they couldn’t do the same for the dogs, hailing from a middle class family. Reminiscing the past she shares being a proud mother of 18 kittens and 2 dogs then, and also being a bread giver to 4-5 stray dogs. Though Sakshi didn’t have an extravagant lifestyle at a very young age she was cultured to share with the unvoiced souls.

Even after her marriage the luck had favored Sakshi as she could continue her heart’s desire to help and  love these pets. She found a strong pillar of support in her husband and her mother in law. Her husband encouraged her to rescue many kittens and pups,lost and hurt. Now this simple curiosity and affection has saved 6 dogs and more than 30 cats, all being fed and nurtured at Sakshi Sunil’s humble abode. With the clear future to help and rescue many more creatures in need Sakshi has also taken up the step to opt for birth control measures in all cats and dogs rescued. This makes her motive even stronger.

The love for her rescued pets is so strong that Sakshi talks about their care considering all minute details. The newly rescued animal is first bathed and fed. After a few hours of settling this animal is taken to the nearest vet to get vaccinated. Also Sakshi keeps all the necessary first aid needed for the animals well at hand and updated. Even the feeding and nutrition aspects of these pets are definite. Approximately 40kg of pet food is required per month for 40 plus pets dwelling in Sakshi’s home providing three meals a day. In addition to this the pets are also given boiled rice and dry food items. With experience of 12 years Mrs.Sakshi knows and follows A-Z on pet care. Her favorite is a Persian cross named ‘MAYA’, which was found with hip dislocation and hearing problem, now actively moves and meows twinkling its blue and brown eyes.

Aiding the local animals, Sakshi and family have self-sufficiently met all needs and are not burned to do so. But the recent increase in the number of rescued animals has led to the dearth of food for the pets. So local sponsors,well-wishers are now welcome to come forth and help improve lives and also make Mangalore a special place for all.

You can Donate to help Sakshi, Details below :

Google pay, Phonepe

Bank Transfer :
Name : Shalini Prabhu
Bank : Canara Bank Surathkal Branch
IFSC Code: CNRB0000634
Account : 0634101211755

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