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Rise In Covid Cases May Lead To Halt In Offline Classes

Not even a week after the reopen of degree and engineering colleges, the covid cases seem to have taken a toll. On this account Karnataka health minister Dr. K Sudhakar has supposed the closure of colleges on Sunday.

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After eight months long spell of covid the state had decided on reopening of degree and engineering colleges on 17th November. But unfortunately the after reports indicate at least 130 students being infected by covid-19. 

Talking about alternatives, the honorable state health minister announced that if the cases take an uphill index, just like the media reports, colleges have to be shut down again, without any other means. This statement  came prior to an important meeting on reopening of schools, held on Monday.The schools have not yet been reopened yielding to the fear of the coronavirus. Though media reports state 120-130 infections to students from corona, actual numbers are still wary. 

Stating the reasons for the reopen of colleges’ higher education department  justifies it with the troubles of online classes faced by students due to network issues, technology and health related problems.On the other hand the officials back their justification on the grounds with strong immunity of youth. In order to protect lives and simultaneously determine the academic future the decision of recommencement of colleges was taken,stated as the final conclusion as per the higher officials. Apart from the on hand chaos the educational institution faculty and staff are on the verge of unemployment. Economy and education can be handled if health is secured.

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