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Sakhi One Stop Centre For Women Who Have Been Subjected To Violences

Sakhi one stop centre is a facility that is located in the new building Lady Goschen hospital that provides women with legal assistance, counselling, medical assistance, police help and even temporary stay when subjected to harassement like  domestic violence and rape. 

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This initiative that started in January 2019, has registered 232 cases of domestic violence, rape, sexual violence, acid attack, women trafficking, child sexual abuse, child marriage, missing and kidnapping and dowry harrassement within a span of one year and 8 months.  

The staff that work at Sakhi include an administrator, a counsellor, 2 legal counsellors, 2 social workers and 2 security staff. A women police officer will be deployed at the centre during the day. The centre is open on all days for 24 hours and a security as well as a social worker will be available during the night shift. 

Right adjacent to the Lady Goschen hospital, a new building is being constructed with a consultation room, living room, counselling room, administration room as well as wards. The centre administrator Priya mentioned that when anyone approaches the centre with any case of harassment, they are provided with efficient counselling so that they become more confident to face their challenges. Most of the cases they receive are domestic violences under the influence of alcohol. Only rarely do the cases they receive go to till the court. Their method follows gathering families in separate sessions to verbally record their statements. Then, conversation over the phones takes place, later the staff visit their complainant’s houses. Continuous follow ups are held so  that issues are positively resolved and that justice is served to the right people. Those cases related to alcohol are advised de addiction centres while those in relation to rape are recommended to their centres after police investigations. 

In this present scenario when the rape victim is blamed and when gaslighting is common practice, many women hesitate to file their complaints. When fear keeps women from registering cases, many cases go unrecorded and many perpetrators go unpunished while the violence silently continues. The centre advises that women should take that step of getting help so that things can at least start to get better. The authorities at the Sakhi centre also mention that it is rather positive that parents take initiative to approach the centre for assistance. 

For any Assistance, 
Sakhi One Stop Centre
Lady Goschen hospital
Ph: 0824-244122 and Priya: +91 7259107284

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