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Sandesh Neermarga of Mangalore bagged second prize in the Kannada reality show “yedhe thumbi haduvenu,”

Sandesh Neermarga of Mangalore bagged second prize in the Kannada reality program “yedhe thumbi haduvenu,” and it was a dream come true for the food delivery boy. When the judges, Rajesh Krishnan, Harikrishna, and Raghu Dixit, commended his performance, Sandesh was overcome with emotion. It’s been a long road to get here, Sandesh adds, “one filled with tears, hopelessness, hunger, and days when he didn’t have enough money to eat.” Sandesh was introduced to a local bhajan ensemble by his next-door neighbor, a professional singer, who had longed to sing since he was six years old.

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For the past 21 years, Sandesh has been a member of that organization and has won a lot of national and state awards, and he’s been recognized individually on multiple occasions. Soon after, he began singing movie themes and performing in orchestras soon after. He worked as a courier boy to augment his money, but the epidemic ended that, as well as his aspirations to become an autorickshaw driver and a fisherman, he adds. Sandesh currently works as a delivery guy for food. He has sobbed on occasion because his dreams of becoming a great singer have been crushed. To cheer himself up, he’d sing on his bike while delivering meals to other households.

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