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Sanjana George: Second Indian female Athletic in WWE

With Undertaker, Kane, Randy Orton, John Cena and many more wrestling champs the WWE has made our childhood memorable. Every WWE fan had wished to either be a part of the live event or used their bed as a ring. 

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Now a 26 year old lady has achieved this for us. Hailing from God’s own country, Kottayam in Kerala, Sanjana George has become the second Indian female to sign the WWE contract after Kavita Devi. Rich with the MMA experience, Sanjana is ready to slay the international wrestling mega industry.

As a huge fan of The Rock and Ronda Rousey, Sanjana George aspired to meet the legends. Dedicated to her dreams at a young age of 17 she started her career at MMA. Being an introvert, combat sports helped her express herself. 

In the year 2019 Sanjana gave her first try out for WWE, but unfortunately didn’t succeed. This try out opened up new avenues as an athlete in her career, the event being a 4-day, 3,000 applicant try out at Mumbai. 

Now Sanjana George is already in Orlando, US training hard and fast to make a debut on the WWE stage. Since Sanjana isn’t well versed in wrestling, she is being trained from scratch to make a crashing entry in the wrestling entertainment industry. 

Her exploits and meet up with the Triple H, and other wrestling bigwigs indeed arouse curiosity in every WWE Indian fan. Inspiring many more Sanjana is grateful to her parents, coaches and others who have supported her to achieve her dreams. 

Even WWE platforms are enthusiastic and are welcoming talents from India. Sanjana’s hardwork and talent will indeed create sensation which will break the wrestling rings.

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