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Sarika Kamath from Manipal makes Best use of Discarded Clothes

In today’s world of easily disposable items, repurposing is the sustainability superhero that saves our homes from the grip of mass-produced average products. Instead of purchasing store-bought trinkets, they encourage crafting handmade artifacts that redefine aesthetic beauty. These creations aren’t just environmentally friendly, they’re also the ultimate home décor conversation starters. Your guests will marvel at your quirky, sustainable abode. By turning trash into treasure, they’re repurposing with style and creating handmade artifacts that transform your home into a sustainable and stunning masterpiece. Beauty and sustainability.

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Picture yourself with a bag made from your brother’s old jeans, a patchwork quilt woven from your grandmother’s old sarees, or a tablecloth stitched from your father’s old ties. Their product line masterfully merges DIY with HGTV and cheap thrills, creating a symphony of quirk and practicality. Their handicrafts are so cunning, they surpass even the most cunning of crafts. Their home utilities can overhaul a mundane space into an exciting one. Last but not the least their clothing is so fashionable, it’ll make your mirror give you a high-five.

Meet Ms Sarika Kamath, founder of Spree Clothing and Quilting the Fashion Designer who’s donned a new hat – that of a sustainable artist. With a BE degree in Printing Technology from MIT and PGDM in Advertising and PR from Wellinger’s Mumbai, Sarika rewiring her career to create DIY wonders from recycled clothing and everyday objects for the last ten years. With her expertise in printing and advertising , she has now set her sights on creating beautiful wonders using recycled clothing and everyday items. Through her innovative approach, she transforms discarded textiles and household objects into stunning, eco-friendly marvels that not only look great but tell a story of sustainability. Join Sarika on this inspiring adventure of repurposing and reimagining, and discover the beauty of combining innovation with eco-consciousness.

Email:[email protected]
WhatsApp: 9686425311
Insta: @spreeclothingandquilting
FB: Spree – Celebrating Womanhood

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