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School Children’s Mango Business Booms in Uttara Kannada Summer

In Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, school-going children are finding a unique way to earn money during their summer holidays. They are selling mangoes directly from the orchards and are earning a handsome income in the process.

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The mangoes in great demand are the Karisishada, Appemidi, and Neelam varieties that are grown in Ankola and Malnad regions. The agriculturists of Pala village in Mundugod rely on mango farming for their livelihood but they do not sell their produce in the market. Instead, they sell it themselves, sitting under the trees.

The children have joined the farmers in selling mangoes and are making the most of their summer holidays. They sell the mangoes grown in their houses and support their parents. They sit under the trees on state highway 69 and have been earning a minimum of Rs 5000 per day. The sweet fragrance of the mangoes is enough to attract bike riders and car drivers who stop their vehicles to buy them. Moreover, the mangoes sold by the students are cheaper than the market price, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

The Neelam variety of mangoes, for instance, is sold at Rs 100 to 150 per kg, which is significantly lower than the market rate. The students’ mango-selling business has become a profitable venture, not only for them but also for the farmers who are now able to sell their produce to a wider market.


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