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Science Talent Contest on November 19th, 2023, at Besant College: Lions Club Mangalore Ladyhill Ignites the STEM Revolution in Mangalore’s Educational Landscape

The Lions Club Mangalore Ladyhill is poised to ignite a spark of innovation and inspiration with its much-awaited Science Talent Contest on November 19th, 2023, at Besant College. As a prominent force in Mangalore’s educational landscape, the club is committed to cultivating the future pioneers of STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

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For more than ten years, the Lions Club Mangalore Ladyhill has dedicated itself to advancing STEM education, mentoring high school students preparing for rigorous exams such as KVPY, NTSE, AMTI, Olympiads, IIT JEE, JAM/JEST, IISER, and VVM. Their initiative has expanded knowledge among Mangalore’s youth, setting them on a path to academic and professional excellence.

The club’s President, Lancelot D’Costa, reflects on the impact of their efforts, “From just a handful of enrolments in institutions like the IITs and IISc, we’ve seen a significant increase-a testament to our collective work.” Secretary Lydia D’Costa adds, “Our STEM initiative, impacting over 5,000 students, is a cornerstone of the club’s mission, guiding them towards promising futures.”

Addressing the challenge of delivering STEM education to India’s youth, the Lions Club Ladyhill envisions a strategy akin to successful international models. By fostering a partnership between academia and industry, they aim to replicate the success seen in countries with deeply rooted STEM education systems.

With an emphasis on inclusive growth, the club advocates for an educational framework that leaves no community behind. They believe that quality education stems from not just infrastructure but also the expertise of educators, suggesting that India draw from global examples to enhance the quality of its teaching force.

As the nation seeks to position itself at the forefront of STEM education, the Lions Club Ladyhill is actively contributing to this mission, nurturing talent from the grassroots level.

The upcoming Science Talent Contest is more than just an event; it’s a step towards building the next cadre of STEM leaders. For more information on this transformative event, please contact: [email protected], or reach out to Lydia at 9448376763.

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