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“Kaju Malai”-IDEAL ICECREAM’s new release

One thing that would definitely keep anyone cool is the variety of Ideal Ice Cream, and it’s not a joke for anyone, especially for the long line of IC-Lovers and delivery men from Swiggy/Zomato waiting to pick up their popular Ideal Ice Cream order. To top it all off, “Kaju Malai”-IDEAL ICECREAM’s new flavour-was just released.

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After all, who could resist trying “Gadbad Ice Cream,” Mangaluru’s most popular ice cream? Innovation has always been a cornerstone of Ideal Ice Cream, just as evidenced by the iconic ice cream creation of “Gadbad,” which is widely regarded as Ideal Ice Cream’s signature product. So, why not try a new edition of the famous “Gadbad icecream” creator?

The ‘HAPPY & HEALTHY’ Kamath Family’s Secret is an Ideal Ice Cream Diet!

Locals frequently struggle to resist indulging in the delicious award-winning Ideal Ice Cream flavours during the country’s various hazardous weather conditions. Of course, Mangaloreans are pleased with the Mangaluru-based ice-cream firm, which has won several national awards while competing with a plethora of major ice cream businesses. Nothing prevented them from giving all ice cream lovers the best ice cream and other irresistible frozen treats. Although the sophisticated city has a plethora of intriguing sights and attractions, no trip is complete unless you indulge in Ideal Ice-Cream.

Have you ever considered that the first Ideal Ice Cream Parlour was established in the heart of the city by a visionary and businessman-S Prabhakar Kamath-and was later carried on by his son, S Mukund Kamath? Ever since, Mukund has always elevated the brand by expanding its operations by experimenting or venturing into new areas.

So, if it’s hot outside and you want to stay cool, go to any of the town’s Ideal Ice Cream stands, snap up your favourite flavour, and keep your habit going. 
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