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Sisters blisters setting example by donating hair for a cause

Hair is an attractive part of a person, Most of the girls and women love to style their hair, while others aim to create awareness, to inspire people to donate their healthy hair for a noble cause to someone who needs it and make them feel complete from within. Hardly few take the initiative for this cause of kind. Women’s hair that takes so long to grow can be made into a beautiful wig for someone who really needs it to maintain a positive body image after their hair is shed due to chemotherapy.

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Mangalore proudly has 2 little sisters making changes at a very young age by donating their beautiful hair for cancer patients. Miss Adeline Nia Fernandes,age 9, a 4th std student, and her younger sister Miss Kyra Lauren Fernandes, age 6,a UKG student at St Theresa’s School, Mangalore. Their parents are Kiran Fernandes, a Dj by profession, and Ms. Sushma Fernandes, a home-maker. Both the sisters allowed their hair to grow approximately 22-23 inches long, after being convinced by their mother, so someday their hair could benefit cancer patients who are in need of hair, and finally the day has arrived.

Both the sisters handed over their hair to Ms. Mercy D’Souza of Mercy Salon, Mangaluru who then donated it to “Fly High Charitable Trust- an NGO which sends the hair to a company in Chennai which makes wigs, that to be handed over to needy cancer patients.

Parents are proud that their two daughters have donated their precious hair for a good cause. They were so excited that they are willing to donate their hair again in the future. Doing this as a family feels really great!”

Smart Nia said, “My mom had explained to me how hair is very much needed by cancer patients who lose hair during cancer treatment, and I was very much convinced, and therefore I readily agreed to grow my hair long and now donated it for a good cause. This has been a very touching experience for me since I am going to put smiles on the faces of innocent children and adults. Can’t wait for my tresses to grow so I can do this all over again!”

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