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Smart Poles To Be Installed In M’luru As Part Of Smartcity Plan

As part of the SmartCity program, smart poles will be installed at various points in the city of Mangalore with the intention of ensuring the quick flow of information to people as well as to keep vigil. A total of 30 smart poles will be installed at different points in the city at different points in time. The installation of the same has been divided into two phases in each of which fifteen smart poles will be installed. These poles will have a camera installed within which will be capable of tracking movements even at night with accuracy and this will in turn help in solving crime directly or even indirectly. However, these smart poles each cost at least Rs 5 lakhs but the cost can vary based on the type of pole installed and the kind of camera that accompanies it.

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The aforementioned smart poles will be installed in those areas bustling with traffic almost every hour of the day. As of now, it has been decided to install the said poles in the areas of St Agnes College Junction, Lower Bendore, Kankanady, Morgans Gate, Rao and Rao Circle, Kadri circuit house, Padil, Marnamikatte, and Lalbagh. However, the project will not be confined to these areas and will also be seen in Kavoor, Padavinangady, Ladyhill, and Pumpwell. The smart pole that was installed in Mallikatte faced a slight technical problem caused by the display and has been undergoing repair work. In some areas though, the work of installing the smart poles is being held up due to ongoing road repair and construction works, and will see an improvement in the situation as soon as the aforementioned work is completed. 

A 360-degree camera alongside four additional cameras will be installed on the smart pole. It will also have a smart display system that will provide information to passes by about the weather forecast, temperature, pollution, vehicle density, traffic, and much more. Furthermore, this information conveying system is not one-way and is quite surprisingly two-way as it will be made possible to convey a message to the city command and control center using the pole. As the poles come with a control panel and Wi-Fi connectivity, they can be made 5G compliant.  

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