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Special surveillance measures for arrivals from Goa State

Due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the neighboring state of Goa, the following special surveillance steps are now issued and must be strictly followed by all visitors and travelers coming to Karnataka from Goa.

  • Travelers visiting Karnataka on a flight, bus, railway, or private transportation must show a negative RT-PCR certificate that is not older than 72 hours (3 days). This applies to travelers boarding connecting flights from Goa as well.
  • Only passengers with a confirmed negative RT-PCR certificate that is less than 72 hours will be allowed boarding passes by the concerned airlines (3 days).
  • Similarly, railway authorities must ensure that all passengers traveling by train from Goa to Karnataka carry negative RT-PCR certificates.
  • All passengers traveling by bus from Goa should have negative RT-PCR certifications, as per the concerned bus conductors.
  • The Deputy Commissioners of the districts bordering Goa, Belgavi, and Uttar Kannada must have checkpoints and make arrangements to dispatch the required authorities to ensure that all vehicles (passengers, drivers, helpers, and cleaners) entering Karnataka are inspected for compliance with the above requirement.
  • It is required for students and the general public who travel from Goa to Karnataka regularly for various reasons to undergo RT-PCR once every 15 days and have a negative report.
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The permitted exemptions for negative RT-PCR certificates are as follows:

  • Constitutional functionaries and health care professionals.
  • Children below 5 years.
  • PCR once in 15 days and dire emergencies (death in the family, medical treatment, etc.,), the passenger’s swab shall be collected on arrival in Karnataka with necessary details like phone number, address, etc, duly verified from his ID card and captured. On receipt of the RT-PCR test report, further action will be taken as per the covid testing protocol. 


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