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State government guidelines for the lockdown-Do’s and Don’ts

A 14 day lockdown to commence starting from April 27th, 9 pm to May 12th, 2021 in the state so as  to curb onslaught of Covid-19 virus. A fresh guidelines owing to this second lockdown have been released by the state government.

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The metro rails will not function, also the new norms during Covid curfew have announced shutting of schools, colleges, educational institutions, all cinema halls, malls, gyms, sports complexes, theatres, hotels, restaurants, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls, swimming pools and so on. 

The students attending exams can travel with their admission ticket as permit pass. Also people can get vaccinated or Covid tested during the curfew period. 

Public and private buses, also passenger vehicles will not be allowed. Intra and inter state movement will be allowed only for emergencies. Agriculture sectors, manufacturing units, wholesale and retail outlets, brick and mortar units, e-commerce firms will continue to operate. 

The groceries, fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products shops, meat, fodder and other food outlets have a operating slot of 6am to 10 am daily. The industrial companies and firms will continue to function as per Covid norms except the garment manufacturing units. 

Essential commodity supply chain including banks, ATMs, insurance offices, e-commerce platforms, cold storage, warehousing will continue to function. 

Any form of mass gatherings are prohibited during this curfew period. Medical, construction and agriculture sectors will operate as usual. Though the religious places will be closed to public,  the incharge will continue the rituals carried out in these holy places as usual. 

Flights and trains will function as before. The tickets of the same will act as a permit pass to travel via cab,taxis or autorickshaw. Overall movement of private and public buses or vehicles prohibited, exception as per guidelines. 

Take away or home delivery services only to operate in restaurants, hotels and hospitality services. 

Swimming pools approved by Swimming Federation of India will remain open for sports training purpose only, rest of the pools will remain closed during the curfew period. 

All state government offices dealing with health, administration(municipal or district) , medical services, police, civil defense, defense, emergency services,water, electricity and sanitation will operate as before. The offices of defence, defence PSUs, armed police forces, public utilities, such as petroleum, CNG, LPG, PNG, power generation and disaster management under the Central government regime will function. 

Reserve Bank of India, all other banks, RBI regulated financial markets and microfinance institutions will operate with bare minimum personnel. The operations of homes for children, disabled, mentally challenged, senior citizens, destitutes and women will proceed, also the Rural Employment Guarantee scheme will be allowed. 

The gatherings like marriages must not allow more than 50 members and the funerals or cremations have a limit of only five members. The order also stressed on Covid appropriate behavior to be followed, including the wearing of face mask, sanitizing and maintaining of social distance. 

However, students travelling for exams are permitted to use admission ticket as a travel pass. There will be no restriction on movement for Covid-19 testing across the state and vaccination will be permitted.

Karnataka government offices and departments dealing with health, municipal administration, district administration, medical education, police, civil defence, defence, fire and emergency services, water, electricity and sanitation will operate.

The offices functioning under the government of India such as defence, defence PSUs, armed police forces, public utilities, such as petroleum, CNG, LPG, PNG, power generation and disaster management will also function.

Reserve Bank of India, banks, RBI regulated financial markets, and microfinance institutions with bare minimum staff can operate.

The Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme will be allowed and so will be the operations of homes for children, disabled, mentally challenged, senior citizens, destitutes and women.

Marriages should not have more than 50 persons while cremation or funeral should not have more than five persons.

The order said everyone should follow the COVID appropriate behaviour such as facemasks, hand sanitisers and social distancing everywhere

On Monday the State reported 29,744 COVID-19 fresh cases and 201 deaths, with the positive caseload and death toll to 13,68,945 and 14,627 respectively. About,10,73,257 people were discharged cumulatively including 10,663 today in the state. The state has recorded over 34,804 new COVID-19 cases yesterday. Of which Bengaluru alone accounts for 16,545 fresh infections and 105 deaths. The total count of Bengaluru being 6,70,201 infections and 5,905 deaths.There are 1,92,669 active cases till date, with about 4,313 people being discharged on Monday. 

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