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State Wise BH Series Vehicle Registration 2021 starts for central govt employees

The transport department has finally begun issuing Bharat (BH) series registration number plates for new vehicles in the state. On August 26, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) issued a notification about the BH series, which took effect on September 15. The state transportation department, on the other hand, did not send out a notice until November 30, and many potential vehicle buyers complained that there was still a delay after that.

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As per reports, the person who registered the vehicle at KR Puram RTO is the first BH-series registration holder in Karnataka. The transport commissioner mentioned that he has issued BH registration for three cars so far, including two at KR Puram RTO. The BH series registration is mainly to facilitate the seamless transfer of vehicles from one state to another. It is also considered the preliminary step towards the Centre’s “one nation, one motor vehicle tax” plan. It’s a positive step. But the government cannot discriminate against citizens based on employment or income.

As per Motor Vehicle Rules, a vehicle may not travel with another state’s registration number for more than 11 months following the date of migration. Otherwise, the car will have to be re-registered in the new state, which is a time-consuming process. The BH series follows defense personnel, government employees, national and state PSUs, and private firms or organizations having offices in four or more states/UTs. The initiative will levy the MV tax for two years or in multiples of two years, rather than the present one-time lifetime system (15 years). After 14 years, the tax would be imposed annually and would be half of what it was earlier.

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