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Strict screening and testing at Mangaluru International Airport for the Passengers

Mangaluru: Because of the increased cases of the Omicron strains of the COVID-19 virus, Mangaluru International Airport has set up a special facility at the airport terminal for testing international travelers. As per the chief airport officer, who addressed the media on Wednesday, December 8, the airport’s procedures conform with current government laws. He stated, “up until Wednesday, ten passengers had arrived from high-risk countries, and that all of them had tested negative for COVID-19. He went on to say that 64 passengers were screened at random for 2% of non-risk countries.

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Unlike in the past, when a passenger’s COVID test was done after immigration and customs clearance, all passengers would be evaluated by an airport health officer at the arrival gate under the new rules. Rapid RT-PCR will be used to test travelers from high-risk countries, and RT-PCR will be used to screen 2% of all passengers at random. Passengers from high-risk countries will be allowed to board only after obtaining their test results, which will take around 40 minutes. As per the top airport officer, hygiene and sanitary requirements, as well as refreshments, currency exchange, and isolation rooms, have all been handled at the spot where passengers will be seated. These conveniences will aid visitors from different nations in remaining safe and maintaining their health.


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