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Student Writes To The PMO, In An Attempt, To Stop The Closing Down Of A Kannada-Medium School

In order to stop the closing down of the Panchabettu Vidyavardhaka High School situated in Udupi, a first PUC student has written a letter addressed to the PMO. Varshita R sought help from the PMO in an attempt to keep the Kannada-medium school open. In response to her well-meaning letter, the PMO has asked the Chief Secretary to take necessary action.

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According to the president of the school, A Narasimha, attempts to close down the school has always existed due to the school not having enough strength of students. Just last year they had a total of forty-five. However, with the help and support from the alumni of the school who now live in bigger and far away cities, they have been holding out in the face of adversity. Narasimha also mentioned the fact that they had reached out to the Education Minister. He along with his students and staff has been doing anything and everything in their power to save the school. 

Varshita expressed how grateful she was that her letter and her attempt to do something in helping the school has been acknowledged. She shared that she was happy to have received a positive response. 

Explaining the situation in detail, Manjula, the Udupi Block Education Officer (BEO) shared that the only reason the decision to shut down the school was taken was because of the fact that the strength of the school did not meet the criteria required. Manjula also expounded how the school had received permission to keep running for one more year. All over, in the high school section, each class is supposed to have a minimum of twenty-five students. The Panchabettu Vidyavardhaka high school clearly did not have twenty-five students in each class.  

Manjula added that a decision will be taken after the DDPI has been consulted and also mentioned that the PMO is yet to communicate officially on the matter. Both Varshita and the school authorities have the hope that any further response from the PMO will help the school continue as it has all this while. 

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