Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Surathkal toll gate’s tenure has been extended once again

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By breaking highway restrictions, the Surathkal toll gate was constructed near NITK. Throughout the previous few years, there have been numerous pledges to integrate or close the toll gate. The toll gate contract, however, has been extended for another three months. A K Construction, which is owned by some Uttar Pradesh residents, has been awarded a three-month contract to collect toll fees.



There are numerous issues with the toll gate here. There are no restrooms or rest areas for vehicle drivers, and the new contractor has not given uniforms for the workforce. Despite the fact that the laws require a minimum distance of 60 kilometres between two toll gates, the NITK Surathkal toll gate is just 11 kilometres distant from the Hejamady toll gate in this situation. Despite strong opposition from the locals, this was imposed forcibly. Despite numerous complaints, the toll gate, which was installed in 2014, is still operational.

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