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Tanushree Pitrodi Sets World Record by Performing 108 Yoga Asanas in Just 3.29 Minutes

Tanushree Pitrodi, a student at St. Cicily high school, has made history by performing 108 yoga asanas in just 3.29 minutes. Her incredible achievement has earned her a place in the Golden Book of World Records, a prestigious organization that recognizes remarkable feats and achievements from around the globe.

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According to her guru, Ramakrishna Kodancha, these asanas are a part of Natya Shastra, a text that explores the different forms of dance and movement. Tanushree’s dedication to yoga and her commitment to mastering these asanas has clearly paid off, as she now holds a place in the record books.

During the event, Gaurav Mithal, the representative of the Golden Book of World Records organization, presented Tanushree with a certificate of records. This is not the first time Tanushree has made headlines for her impressive feats – she has previously achieved one Guinness record and seven records in the Golden Book. Tanushree is a proud daughter of Uday and Sandhya, and sister of Ritushree.

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