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Telecommunication dept to deactivate extra SIM card subscribers beyond 9 connections

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued an order requiring customers with more than nine connections across India, or six connections in Jammu and Kashmir, the North East, and Assam, to re-verify their SIM cards and disconnect if verification is not completed. As per the directive released on December 7, users will be able to choose which connections they want to preserve and deactivate the rest. 

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All mobile connections will be reported for re-verification if it is identified by the DoT’s data analytics that an individual subscriber has more than nine mobile connections six in the case of J&K, NE, and Assam LSAs across all TSPs and telecom service providers, as per the DoT instruction. The order was issued by the Department of Transportation to look into financial crimes, irritating calls, automated calls, and fraudulent activities. If a customer shows up for verification and uses his choice to surrender, transfer, or disconnect mobile connections, the outgoing (including data services) capabilities of the “flagged mobile connection” will be stopped for 30 days, and the incoming service will be suspended for 45 days. If no subscriber shows up for re-verification, the number will be canceled within 60 days, starting on December 7. 

An additional 30 days will be allowed if a subscriber is on international roaming, has a physical impairment, or is hospitalized, as per the ruling. If the number has been marked by any law enforcement agency or financial institution as a nuisance caller, the outgoing services will be suspended within 5 days, the incoming services after 10 days, and the entire service will be disconnected within 15 days if no one shows up for verification. TSPs may communicate the stated timelines to subscribers of flagged mobile connections regularly by SMS, IVRS, e-mail, app, or any other available manner. Subscribers will also be informed on regular use of the suspension of services. 

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