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Tesla To Start Electric Car Division In Karnataka

Karnataka’s Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, on Saturday, announced that Tesla, the US-based electric vehicle company was to start an electric car division in Karnataka. In the early weeks of January 2021, he had even tweeted hinting at the same but later proceeded to delete the tweet. However, enough and more attention had already gone to the tweet by the time he deleted it. 

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Elon Musk, the CEO and Product Architect of Tesla has also commented on the same saying that he would keep his promise of bringing the famous Tesla cars to run on Indian Roads. A certain blog post on the company’s fansite Tesmanian had pointed out that cars like Tesla would be expensive for the general Indian but perhaps affordable for the middle class. It was in reply to a tweet linked to this article that Musk said he would bring Tesla to India and therefore keep his promise. 

Connecting his statement to the Union Budget, Yediyurappa went on to explain that the state would be receiving Rs 10,904 crore required for 33 national highway projects that come up to 1,197 kilometers in total. At Tumakuru, an industrial corridor worth Rs 7,725 crore is also set to be built. This industrial corridor hopes to generate at least 2.8 lakh jobs. According to Yediyurappa, the state will be receiving basic infrastructure updates as well which would be worth Rs 1.16 lakh crore in the fiscal year of 2021-22. 

Bangalore’s Namma Metro alone is set to receive an amount of Rs 14,788 crores for its second phase while other projects related to railways in the state will be getting Rs 4,870 crores. Yediyurappa also delightedly declared that the tunnel project situated at Shirdi Ghat which was to connect Bangalore and Mangalore has been approved. For this 13 kilometers long tunnel, an amount of Rs 10,000 has been approved for use. 

All in all progress is going to pour into the state on a grand scale this fiscal year.

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