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The beauty that is Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park

A look into the butterfly park of Mangalore

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It was in the year 2011 that Sammilan Shetty established a Butterfly park in Beklai, near Moodabidri in the city of Mangalore. Today the park is open on every Sunday at 8 in the morning. The entry fee is Rs 50 for an adult and Rs 25 for a child. The park is the original home of both the greenery and the butterflies. As the park is all about providing the butterflies a safe and natural home, there is no dome or enclosure above the park. Hence the butterflies are free to come and go as they please. As it was started with the hopes of providing the various varieties if butterflies that occupy the area of Beklai a home, the park is not run with a commercial mindset.

Through this venture, the park has been creating awareness about the conservation of butterflies which is a very important topic that has not been given much attention. As the park rests on the foot of the western Ghats it also hopes to house the butterflies that roam this area. Such an environment is also ideal for conducting research and various other scientific studies on butterflies and their significance. Most importantly, a visit to the butterfly park will provide space for people to bask in the sheer beauty of mother nature. 

Upon one’s visit to the park, the authorities will present a powerpoint on the aforementioned topics and explain about them in detail in the form of a lecture. Activities such as these are extremely important for the simple fact that not many people are aware of the major role that butterflies play in our ecosystem. Similarly, not many people are familiar with the mesmerising beauty of such a wide variety of butterflies. Thus, educating the visitors is one of the most significant steps taken by the park authorities that result in the spreading of knowledge and increase in awareness of the people. 

A simple walk through the park will make it possible for the visitors to watch all the stages of metamorphosis that a butterfly goes through. Such sights are not easy for us to see on a day to day basis and therefore capture the attention and fascination of people. This park is also a great place for those with an eye for photography as the natural greenery added to the beauty of the multiple types of butterflies will have you clicking photographs non stop. 

Sammilan Shetty’s butterfly park is the first of it’s kind which makes it all the more interesting to explore. It stands on a land of 7.35 acres nestled right next to the Kantawara forests. The authorities that run the park take extra care and plan the kind of conditions required to attract butterflies to their land. Even though various kinds of butterflies naturally exist in the area surrounding the butterfly park, it is also important to ensure that the environmental conditions that the authorities have created remain constant. All in all, if inside you, you have a wish to explore the greener side of Mangalore and witness the beautiful colours of nature, make sure to visit Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park.

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