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The opening of 99Games’ new office in Udupi has garnered positive attention

99Games is a super-indie studio which has developed some well-known games, including Dhoom:3 The Game, Sultan: The Game, and Star Chef, the global cooking games. It have published 22 game titles that have received over 100 million downloads worldwide so far.

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After leaving the renowned Robosoft campus in Udupi, they’d built one for itself. Later discovered their vocation in the Mahalaxmi Towers, close to the ancient taluk office circle, in the centre of Udupi.

When asked what was the inspiration for their magnificent workspace, they simply mentioned their most popular title, Star Chef, and created a physical representation of the virtual idea for their new workstation. Employees now work in games in addition to working on games. The office has an eastern platter-like feel about it with a dash of desi tadka. Also when full, the pantry section makes one feel peckish, and the game room they constructed transports one back to carefree childhood days. Even with all the modern conveniences, Like such has managed to remain the centre of attention.

Flexibility and a cutting-edge work atmosphere in Udupi make this stylish workplace the best. Due to flexibility, home-based employment has everyone’s attention. If you like working while spread on a couch, they have the fluffiest couch so you can keep doing so. If someone enjoyed attending zoom meetings while swinging on their garden swing, they will go one further and construct a sofa swing with a view right in the office. What about those quick snacks mom would make while one is completing the final few presentation slides? Don’t mistakenly believe that they can take the place of mom’s cooking, but there are tables set up where one may eat and work at the same time, if that’s what you like.

They have struck the jackpot by arriving at the site. If somebody is a fitness or sports nut, there is an entire sports stadium/gym just down the street called the Ajjarkad stadium. If one enjoys cooking in their spare time, a large Reliance mall is probably only a few steps from the workplace. Weekend nature time is available if one loves oneself at places like Malpe, St. Mary’s, Delta Point, Hanging Bridge, Manipal Lake, and so on.

A team of over 100 people working in Udupi to create games for a global audience speaks loudly about their accomplishments. They are constantly searching for new talent to expand their workforce. And being a super-indie studio has one very unique advantage: every accomplishment, no matter how great or tiny, is always acknowledged.

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