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The State to receive free vaccines in Government centres from 18-44 years of age

The CM of the state tweeted that all people of 18-44 years age group will receive free vaccination in the Government Vaccination Centres. Urging the eligible to register for the vaccination drive starting from Wednesday, the state run vaccination centres will provide free vaccine shots to this eligible crowd. The second Covid vaccination shots for above 45 years will continue as per schedule.

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With the ongoing Covid vaccination drive the states of South India that have observed severe infections and will remain closed for two weeks. A lockdown starting from 9pm on Tuesday will be observed to break the Covid chain. The public transportation will be curbed and the essential commodities needed will be sold from 6am to 10am in the mornings. 

The state of Karnataka reported 34,804 new COVID-19 cases on this Sunday making it the new daily high. The active caseload surged to over 2.6 lakh and total cases to 13.39 lakh.The state observed a total of 143 deaths  in 24 hours with the total death observed to be 14,426 till date. 

The IT hub of the state, Bengaluru observed it’s biggest increase in the last 24 hour of over 20,000 new cases. Over 1.8 lakh active cases are prevailing in the city. With one in five Covid samples being positive, Karnataka has 20 percent Covid positive rate.

With the rise in cases the State has decided on providing free vaccines to the majority of its population, to break the Covid chain as soon as possible. 

As per the Centre’s new liberalised vaccination policy, manufacturers have the liberty to sell 50 percent of their vaccines to state and private hospitals. The price at which they sell is  way more than ₹150/-per dose, at which the Union will buy the other 50 percent. 

This landslide difference in prices has created a controversy and the Union has been blamed for ‘vaccine profiteering’. But the Central Health Ministry has clearly refused these accusations. 

The state of Kerala has informed the PM regarding the pressure and financial trouble due to Covid pandemic. The Centre gave a  pricing clarification on Saturday stating that the vaccines will be sold at ₹150/- per dose. But there was no news on the hike in the pricing system. 


The Centre will permit vaccination for all above 18 years of age starting from May 1st. individuals can register from April 28th on the online platform. 

 India reported over 3.5 lakh cases within the last 24hours with an active caseload of over 28 lakh. Sadly, over two lakh people have succumbed to Covid till date. 

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