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Tourism picks up pace at Malpe Beach

The sky is once again spotted with parachutes, the boats have again reached the waters. The Malpe Beach has welcomed tourists again after the long interval. This commence of tourism has led to the economy that depends on tourists to breathe again.

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Much of the activities in and around the beach have started post- COVID shutdown, which has also led to people resuming the recreational activities which they once enjoyed. The recreational activities such as parasailing and speedboat have started operating again. These experiences are being provided by the Mantra Tourism Development Company, that owns the rights to a host of activities, including much sought-after water sports at Malpe Beach.

Despite being amidst the COVID situation, activities such as parasailing and winch boat parasailing have a steady demand at the beach. Winch boat parasailing, where you glide through the air while wearing a parachute as you get towed away by the winch boat, which was unique to the tourism in Goa, was introduced by the company at Malpe Beach. The new attraction was received well by the tourists. 

While tourism has started, the authorities and the people who come to enjoy after the long standstill of recreation have to always be mindful and make sure of their safety. One must take the necessary steps to keep oneself safe and sound.

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PM Modi presents Ashna Rai with the best cadet award from St Aloysius PU College

Ashna Rai, a cadet from St. Aloysius PU College's NCC navy wing, was presented with a gold medal by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for her participation in the annual NCC rally held in New Delhi on Saturday.   She had wanted to join the NCC since she was a young child. She joined the NCC when a student at Canara CBSE School's eighth grade level. Later, she kept working hard in the same field.   Ashna was chosen for the NCC rally because to her outstanding district and state performance. This accomplishment of Ashna at the NCC Rally is attributable to the cooperation shown by NCC cadets Anish Rahul, Atique D B, Roopith D'Souza, and Manish as well as the leadership of wing commander Chandan Garg and Allwyn Misquith. Ashna is the daughter of Akshatha Rai, a teacher, and Ramanna Rai, a businessman who lives in Kadri Kambla.

Young football player from Deralakatte sets a Guinness record

Mohammed Shaleel, a resident of Belma in Deralakatte, submitted an exceptional football accomplishment to the Guinness Book of World Records.  Two successful football players' Guinness records have been broken by him. With a football, he has completed 10 rounds in just 30 seconds. In 2017, someone at Dele, England, completed 7 rounds in 30 seconds. In the same way, Tasha Nichole Terani, a female football player from West Lake Village, California, hit 18 rounds in one minute in 2020. The parents of Mohammed Shaleel are Mumtaz of Belma in Deralakatte and R B Abdul Hameed. He is a student in his last year at Kulur's Yenepoya Aviation and Logistics College. He had applied online in order to break the record. He had submitted the test via online video because the answer would come in a month. Within a week, the outcome was communicated through email. Since he was ten years old, Shaleel has been interested in football. He and his pals used to play behind their house. For the previous two years, he had undergone training. His family members, notably his brother and cousins, provided him with support as well. He had received a football as a gift from his Kasargod-based acquaintance Mudassir Dash. Shaleel will receive the certificate in a week.The president of his college congratulated him and gave out candy to mark the achievement."It makes me very happy to see my name onGoogle,I'll keep working to break the record", Shaleel stated.