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Trees Uprooted And Replanted In Wenlock Hospital Premise

Two trees that were for many years planted near the premise of Wenlock hospital were uprooted and planted in a different location. This step was taken on Sunday, November 29,2020 where a peepal tree as well as a fig tree were uprooted and replanted in a place within the area of the hospital.

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These trees had to be uprooted so that better space can be created for construction work that is to follow in the hospital to build a  building for their new multi- speciality department. In order that the age – old trees do not perish, the authorities decided that it’s necessary that the trees are replanted elsewhere rather than being cut down. 

In addition to the peepal tree and the fig tree that was uprooted, there are two more trees that have to be uprooted and replanted similarly. This will be done as and when time and space permit. 

The process of uprooting such a large tree takes a large amount of time, equipment and adequate manpower. In order that the trees were uprooted on Sunday, it took almost 16 hours. The trees were replanted after being uprooted under the supervision of Environmentalist Jeeth Milan Roche and Smart City project officials. 

In a time and age where many think that it’s easier to cut down a tree rather than take the pain of relocation of something as large as a tree, Wenlock hospital thought differently. Trees provide the world with necessity goodness of nature like oxygen, prevention of water run off, reduction of soil erosion and provide a home for many beings on earth. It is important that one does their part to protect, grow and prevent deforestation even when it means that new buildings need to be constructed. Devising innovative ideas for this can prove productive.

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