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Two class 10 students from Karnataka developed a Gas Saving Kit.

Two students from the Charamakki Narayan Shetty Memorial Government High School, Kundapura have developed a gas-saving kit for use in the kitchen. Anusha and Rakhitha won and secured fourth place at the CSIR INNOVATION AWARD FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN.

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Speaking about the project, they said that GSK is placed on the gas burner and the vessel used for cooking is placed on it. GSK is made out of a metal frame and has copper coils that allow the easy flow of water. The coil has two ends whose one end will be connected to a tap. When the flame is on for cooking, water can be passed through the coil and can be collected from the power end, which can be used for bathing and other hot water purposes. The kit costs about 625 rupees for production. They have also observed that by running the kit for 10 minutes, they could collect about 13 liters of hot water. 

Anusha told the media that her mother is particular about saving gas and thus inspired her to think of ways to save fuel.

These students come from a remote region and their school is located in the interior region as well. The headmaster and the science teacher have been the guides for these students. The physical education teacher and the English teacher gathered the equipment required for the project. The math department helped the students with mathematical calculations regarding copper tubes, diameter, water flow, and other parameters. The social studies teacher guided the students with designing and welding work. A few other teachers made it easier for the students to complete the documentation part. It was evident that the majority of the faculty provided immense support to the students. 

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