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Udupi: District administration aims to enroll 27,000 new voters

As per the Election Commission of India’s projected Census population, the district administration expects to register 27,000 additional voters by 2022. (ECI). As per the deputy commissioner (DC), Udupi has a total of 10,21,188 voters. On November 8, the ECI presented a draught voters’ list and a timeline for its amendment, which he mentioned during a news conference held at the DC office in Manipal. From November 8 to December 8, 2021, it has offered an opportunity for objections and adjustments.

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On November 7, a special registration drive was held, and it will be repeated on November 14, 21, and 28. By December 27, 2021, all claims and objections will be resolved, and the final voter list will be revealed on January 13, 2022. New voters will be given priority by the district administration. As per the Census population projections,  27,000 new voters are eligible to vote, but only 4,139 have registered. They will be launching a special push to raise that figure. As per the DC, new voters will be encouraged to register online.

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