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Udupi district has highest number of female voters in state

The final voters’ list, which was recently amended, shows that Udupi district has the highest percentage of female voters in Karnataka. The lowest percentage of female voters is in the rural Bengaluru district. The chief electoral officer of Karnataka tweeted this information.
In every district but Udupi, there are more male voters than female voters. 
There are 50548553 voters in the state as of the updated voter rolls. 
25449725 of them are men, while 25094326 are women. Out of the total 1016245 voters in the Udupi district, 490060 are men and 526173 are women. In all five of the district’s legislative districts, female voters outweigh male voters, according to deputy commissioner (DC) Kurma Rao.

13816 new young voters were registered during the Udupi voters list amendment. More women than men are among them. In terms of female voters, the DC claimed that the district serves as a role model for the entire state. During the district’s modification of the voters’ list, more focus was placed on getting young people to vote. All colleges participated in a special campaign. According to Kurma Rao’s information, the public applied mostly for registration and modifications, and all complaints were resolved without any opposition.

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