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Udupi: District police organizes annual sports event

According to District Collector Kurma Rao M, participation in sports activities is critical for police officers who work under pressure every day in the service of the public to de-stress and maintain good health.

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He was speaking today at the Ajjarakadu Mahatma Gandhi District Stadium during the opening of the district police’s annual sporting event.

Since the police had a busy schedule carrying out their jobs, he added that participating in sports must be done with enthusiasm, as doing so would allow them to relieve their tension and showcase their talents. He also added that participating in sports would help them do their duties effectively and maintain their physical and mental health.

According to district police superintendent Hakey Akshay Mcchindra, different events have been established for participants over the age of 50, as well as rural sports like mud runs and a particular competition for the police criminal detecting department and DAR.

Jivan from DAR and Kreeda Jyothi had been there. Adarsha Devanna Nayak, a DAR sub-inspector, administered the oath of office, while Hakey Akshay Mcchindra, the district police superintendent, welcomed guests. The ASP Sen station police inspector Manjunath served as the event’s emcee, and Siddalingappa was given praise.

The women’s police squad from Udupi, Karkala, Kundapura, and DAR took part in the sporting event as well.

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