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Udupi: New campaign to collect smartphones for underprivileged Students

In the Udupi district, the department of public instruction has initiated a new campaign to collect old or unused smartphones from well-off citizens and distribute them to underprivileged children. The idea comes after a survey found that due to the digital gap, 2,688 youngsters in the district are unable to access online programs. Many children, particularly those in remote areas, do not have access to a cell phone or a television.

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As per the Udupi deputy director of public instruction majority of people nowadays use smartphones, and many of them purchase new versions as they become available. People with unused or old smartphones have been asked to donate such gadgets to their local block education officials. If students require phones, They may call or block education officers. 

The Deputy Director For Public Instruction All five-block education officers in the district have been asked to collect old cell phones. In Udupi, the proprietor of a mobile dealership has agreed to donate 20 smartphones. They also communicate with Rotary clubs and other organizations. Electricity is not available in some huts and small units in villages. Solar lamps are being provided by the department for students in class 10 who live in such households. Udupi deputy director’s investigation With the aid of individuals and organizations, The department has launched a campaign to distribute solar lamps. They have already received 25 sets of solar lamps.

Following the epidemic, online or digital education has become increasingly popular. While it has helped to alleviate learning interruptions in metropolitan regions, it has mostly ignored children in rural areas. Several studies and field reports have demonstrated how a lack of equipment and internet access impedes learning in rural and isolated areas. Officials and organizations are attempting to resolve the issue.

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