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Udupi Police Conducts ‘Operation Sunset’ to Curb Anti-Social Activities

The Udupi district police conducted a special operation called “Operation Sunset” on Saturday, March 18, from 8 pm to 11 pm. Special teams comprising all officers and staff were formed, and check posts were opened in important and sensitive areas. Vehicles were checked thoroughly, and cases were registered under the Karnataka Police Act against persons causing public nuisance.

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Action was taken against the sellers of tobacco and its products in affected areas, and raids were conducted on shops selling e-cigarettes. Three persons were arrested who were in possession of ganja and small quantities of OA, and a person transporting 45 liters of illegal liquor was also arrested.

During the operation, sixty habitual offenders involved in old theft and related cases were screened through fingerprint scanners, and 32 cases were registered for drunken driving. Similarly, 44 cases were registered under the Cofta Act that pertains to the sale of tobacco and related products in 44 prohibited areas.

This special operation was launched to ensure that the public builds self-confidence about the police department and to enforce the law against those who carry out such anti-social activities.

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