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Underpass At Pumpwell Under Smart City Plan

Once the bus terminal project is implemented, there is a plan to build an underpass at Pumpwell in the city .

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The new bus terminal project that is intended to come up at Pumpwell is on the verge of getting materialized. Hence, this underpass will be complementary to the bus terminal. If the design of the bus terminal is changed, the design of the underpass also might have to be changed. Hence, the construction of the underpass is postponed as of now.

The new underpass will be 5.5 meter in height and 10 meters wide. The Smart City officers say that the underpass will reduce the traffic jam at Pumpwell.

One underpass was built during the construction of an overbridge at Pumpwell. This underpass at Ujjodi, connects Kankanady from Indiana hospital. However, heavy vehicles cannot pass through this. So there is a possibility that the new underpass will have provision for bus movement.

The Smart City authority is making preparations for the re-tender of Pumpwell bus terminal. The blueprint will be finalized soon. It has given invitations to some organizations to suggest the design of a bus terminal at Pumpwell. Accordingly, some organizations from Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mangaluru have come forward to prepare the blueprint.

Earlier, though tender was called thrice, no company showed interest in the project as the cost was a whopping Rs 445 crore. Now the design is modified a bit and the project will cost Rs 100 crore.

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