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Unique Green Herbal Tea For Your Taste Buds

Chai is love for many, but not many would have tried herbal teas. There is a unique green canteen at Papunja on the outskirts of the taluk on the Mangaluru-Madikeri national highway that sells herbal teas of various kinds.

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Saugandhika canteen serves varieties of herbal teas like bamboo tea, masala tea, Gandhari lime soda, Elaichi tea, Lemon Grass tea, Veelya, Kamakasturi and Tulasi teas. This canteen is nothing much like other canteens with well-furnished facilities or ambience But can fill your heart and will never forget the experience.

  For the past 10 years, Chandrahas and Preeti couple have been running a nursery and small canteen. Most of the teas are prepared here using various flowers and medicinal plants. In addition to taste, each one of these teas gives more health.

  As in the olden days, elderly people used to serve Kashaya of different herbs for cough, cold and headache, Chandrahas-Preeti couples serve the same in tea form.

They use the herbs grown in their nursery for preparing drinks such as they use the limes that are grown in their nursery for lime soda. Customers are also served with juices of sweet lemon, papaya, fashion fruit and pineapple, all grown in the nursery. Many customers of the canteen visit the place to enjoy herbal tea in a green environment.

Do try their drinks and feel the experience.

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