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Usage Of Green Crackers For Diwali; Alters Complete Ban Of Firecrackers

Earlier reports suggested that there was a complete ban on firecrackers in Karnataka as a change towards Diwali 2020 celebrations. However, in recent developments, it has been allowed the use of green crackers over the normal ones. The ban on firecrackers was made in view of the pandemic as well as a measure to curb pollution. 

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It was stated that as many people had made suggestions against the firecracker ban and requested the citizens of Karnataka to use only green crackers as they celebrate Diwali 2020.

Simple and meaningful celebrations are encouraged this year in order that one takes care of their own health as well as the health of others in the community. All necessary precautions have been taken by the government in view of Covid – 19 prevention.

In a time like this, it is feared that as the Corona virus affects the lungs, an increase in pollution as well as the winter season that is on its way will only make things worse. Thus it is imperative that people reduce their scale of celebration during the festival to prevent further spread of the virus and thereby curb its side effects.

In fact, the smoke from firecrackers can also affect people who have recovered from the disease, explained the State health minister.

Karnataka is now the second most affected by the Corona virus in the entire country with 8.41 lakh total cases. With 11,347 deaths due to the same, it is necessary that citizens themselves show prudence, take responsibility for their actions and follow guidelines of safety even if they have to cut short on their celebrations and do their part in reducing the spread of the disease.

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