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Vaccination drive for above the age of 18 – Points for Appointment.

Stepping up the vaccination ladder, it’s already known that the Union has scheduled the next phase of the Covid-19 vaccination drive for 18+(age) starting from May 1st. To register for the same the government on Thursday announced the digital portal of CoWIN and the Arogya Setu to be open from April 28th.

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The official statement of opening of the avenue to provide vaccination for all starting with the few twerks made in the registration application for public convenience. The added features and altered age settings are the addon to the CoWIN app that is all set for public use. The documents to produce during the inoculation process remain the same to get vaccinated.

Here are few points for easy registration prior vaccination:

  • The third phase vaccination drive against Covid-19 will officially begin from April 28th for those aged between 18-45 years. 
  • The registration must be made prior via the platform of @MyGovIndia. Walk-in registration is not entertained for this group. 
  • The private vaccination centres, procuring vaccines from the government , charging individuals ₹250/- per dose of vaccine will cease to exist from May 1st. Instead these centres will have to procure vaccines directly from the manufacturers. 
  • The vaccines will be available freely to front line workers, health care personnel and people above the age of 45,to these eligible public in the vaccination centres directly receiving doses of vaccine from the Government of India, as per the Liberalised Pricing and Accelerated National Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy. 
  • Advanced declaration of price for 50 percent of supply of vaccine has to be made by the manufacturers. Based on this price the vaccine will be available in open markets, to procure and be used by the state, private hospitals, industrial establishments before May 1st.
  • The private hospitals must procure the vaccine from the 50 percent supply kept aside from that of Government of India channel. 
  • With the liberalisation policy the vaccination price in the private hospitals will be monitored, but no vaccine will be sold in pharmacies or chemist shops directly. 
  • The supply of 50 percent of monthly Central Drugs Laboratory(CDL) doses by the manufacturers will be supplied to the Indian Government and the remaining 50 percent will be under the free will of manufacturers to supply either to the state or open market. 
  • The government of India vaccination centres will operate with the present group, that of healthcare workers (HCWs), front line workers (FLWs)  and 45  years plus crowd. The government of India channel will work with all eligible adults of the Nation. 
  • All the eligible population will be subject to free vaccination in the government Covid vaccination centres receiving vaccines from the Central Government. These vaccinations will be part of the National Vaccination Programme (excluding the government of India channel)  and continue under the existing guidelines. All information will be captured on the CoWIN platform with stocks and the price of vaccines in all vaccination centres. This will comply with Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI)  management, reporting, all prescribed norms and the digital vaccination certificate. 
  • The second dose inoculation of vaccine to the existing eligible crowd of HCWs, FLWs and above 45years aged will be on the priority list and the procedures for the same will be communicated to the stakeholders.
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