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Vidyakumari K Appointed as New DC of Udupi District

The state government has issued an official order announcing the transfer of Kurma Rao M from the position of Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Udupi district. Following this decision, Vidyakumari K has been appointed as the new DC, with her previous experience as the Additional Deputy Commissioner and Additional District Magistrate of Udupi district.

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Vidyakumari K, known for her commendable service and expertise, brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Having previously served in various administrative capacities in Udupi, she is well-acquainted with the district’s unique challenges and possesses valuable insights into its socio-economic landscape.

Kurma Rao M has made significant contributions during his tenure. His commitment and dedication to public service have garnered appreciation from both the administration and the local community. Although his transfer marks the end of his term as DC, his efforts in promoting development and addressing key issues will be remembered.

As the new DC, Vidyakumari K will undoubtedly face a diverse set of responsibilities and priorities. Udupi district, known for its rich cultural heritage and thriving industries, presents both opportunities and challenges. However, her previous experience in the district administration will serve as a valuable asset in effectively carrying out her duties.

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