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Vigilance at Kerala-Karnataka Border Amid Nipah Virus Concerns

In light of growing concerns surrounding the Nipah virus, a dedicated team led by district officers at the Talapady checkpoint on the Kerala-Karnataka border conducted rigorous inspections on vehicles arriving from three districts in Kerala. The operation was carried out with the utmost precision and under the leadership of health officers and ASHA workers.

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Beginning at 9 am on Saturday, September 16, the team initiated temperature checks on passengers arriving from specific districts in Kerala. Nearly 60 vehicles from KL 9, KL 10, KL 11, Kozhikode, and Calicut underwent thorough thermal scanning. Fortunately, by evening, none of the passengers displayed any signs of fever or illness.

Key figures in this proactive effort included District Health Officer Dr. Navin Chandra Kulal, Taluk Health Officer Dr. Sujay Bhandary, Community Health Officers Dr. Gopi Prakash and Dr. Anita, along with the diligent ASHA workers.

In an official statement, Dr. Gopi Prakash, the Community Health Officer at Kotekar Primary Health Centre, explained the next steps in the process. “We will collect the contact information and relevant documents of individuals exhibiting symptoms of fever for further tracking and monitoring. Some passengers from Kerala expressed reluctance to undergo the tests, particularly as quarantine measures are already in place in Vadakara district. However, we remain committed to conducting these tests after persuasion. Furthermore, we also extended our inspection to vehicles arriving from other districts beyond the initial three.”

The proactive measures at the Kerala-Karnataka border reflect the region’s determination to prevent the potential spread of the Nipah virus. Health officials and workers are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors, demonstrating a commendable dedication to public health. As the situation evolves, further precautions and measures may be implemented to safeguard the community against any health threats.

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