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Wonderful Leaf Art Created By Two Young Artists Who Are Self-taught

Tilak Kulal and Akshay Kotian are the two young self-taught artists who always wanted their creativity to shine through when it came to arts as they joined the Bachelor of Visual Arts Course at Alva’s College. For their recent artwork, they made use of leaves from peepal and jackfruit trees and created portraits of well-known people or celebrities. Ordinarily, one would not think of creating portraits using leaves from a tree and therefore, both Tilak’s and Akshay’s artwork is incredibly imaginative and creative.

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When the center announced the nationwide lock-down in the months of March and April, Tilak made up his mind to not idle his time away and rather learn how to effectively use leaves in art and to excel at leaf art. Some of the personalities he has made portraits of in the same manner include Swami Vivekananda, Sudhamurthy, MP Tejasvi Surya, and more. Furthermore, he has also created incredible pieces of artwork making use of charcoal and pencils. Tilak was quick to recognize that the value for leaf artworks has been on the increase recently and did not hesitate to show the world his talent and potentials. For each of his artwork, tilak charges INR 800 (without frame).

Akshay M Kotian, on the other hand, is a third-year student of Bachelor of Visual Arts and has also been gaining popularity for his incredible portraits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa, film actor Jaggesh and many more. 

Akshay began experimenting and trying out leaf art around seven months ago which was approximately when corona came knocking at our doors and the whole nation hid in the comfort of its homes. Akshay is also aware of the demand for leaf art in and outside the district. His leaf artwork costs rupees 1500 (including a frame). Moreover, he receives orders from the state’s capital as well. Additionally, Akshay is also well known for carving sculptures that are miniature in pencil lead and graphite. Furthermore, he has also expressed his interest in charcoal and soap arts. 

Being greatly talented as they are, Tilak and Akshay have been praised by great personalities.

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