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Work one hour extra daily: Karnataka CM to employees

Workers in the state government have been asked to put in an hour more each day, according to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

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Speaking after receiving praise from a group of Karnataka State Government Employees Association President C. S. Shadakshari on Thursday for forming the 7th pay commission to review the pay scale for public employees, he said that adding an hour to the daily workday must trickle down to the lowest levels of society.

“You’ll leave the rest to me.” Let’s help this state thrive. You must all perform your jobs with integrity, zeal, and loyalty. “If Karnataka works for the underprivileged, it will advance.”

“To create Nava Bharat through Nava Karnataka, we must all work extremely hard.” Karnataka’s contribution to India’s anticipated five trillion-dollar economy must be one trillion dollars. “Ours is the first government to have established the pay commission shortly after taking office for five years,” he stated.

He claimed that because inflation is rising year over year, there will inevitably be a difference between the scenario at the time of joining the government service and the present. Both time and money are crucial. The government made this choice because it believes that earning the proper amount of money at the right time can encourage life.

According to the Chief Minister, B.S. Yediyurappa intended to do this as a result of pressure from Association President Shadakshari. Dr. Sudhakar Rao, the chairman of the commission, is an honourable official who operated independently.

They are all waiting for the former chief secretary to provide a thorough report. The staff’s cooperation is crucial as well. He declared, “Our government will retake office in 2023, and we will exclusively carry out the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.”

Bommai praised the government workers for their persistent efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly those in the fields of health, police, rural development, and revenue.

“There was a Rs 5,000 crore revenue shortfall when I became chief minister, but the employees of the various departments toiled arduously to fill the coffers.” An additional Rs 13,000 crore has been collected in the current fiscal year,

He had a duty to determine the employees’ services as the ruler of the state. Following this, it was decided to accede to their requests. He said the state government also announced the hike and issued orders on the same day, less than 24 hours after the Government of India increased DA for employees of the central government.

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