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Yakshagana and Fraternity

Art and heart do not have a religion. Yakshagana, all time favorite art form of the coastal city has become a medium depicting religious harmony in Kinnigoli. Aiding a hindu family for a yakshagana performance by providing their courtyard, this muslim family has broken all taboos of religious differences.

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Nagesh, a novice artist was enthusiastic to set up yakshagana performance owing to the celebrations of christening his new house- ’Shamantaka Ratna’. But he was in a dilemma as his  yard lacked enough space to erect the stage for this performance. Supporting Nagesh’s trouble, neighbour Abdul Razak offered his land for the performance. So after the evening prayers, the artistes decked with their costumes as hindu Gods and Goddesses,to create an epic and mark a harmonious communion of coastal people. Shamantaka Ratna was enacted on stage with all its grandeur for three hours. This performance was graced by the villagers showing symbiosis of religions.

Nagesh acknowledges Abdul Razak remembering his support in site selection and providing water for house construction. Nagesh is grateful to neighbours like Abdul. Coincidentally, At around 6.30 pm the performance began and ended at 9.30pm. This performance was enjoyed not only by Abdul Razak and family, even the locals with all precautions against covid, joined the night of yakshagana keeping aside all their differences.

As the tale of ‘Shamantaka Ratna’ unveils, Abdul Razak reminiscences  the past when he used to watch yakshagana performances  the whole night. Then he was a kid and religious differences were not a problem. He expresses his joy on the yakshagana being performed in his courtyard. Abdul adds on by telling, rural people irrespective of religion coexist in peace and this continues till date. He emphasizes the importance of humanity over religious intolerance.

Recent  religious unrest in Dakshina Kannada has scarred many life’s. People like Abdul and Nagesh give us a ray of hope and humanity.  

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