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A Panel Discussion on the Heritage of Mangalore and Goa, its Conservation, and Challenges Faced

The coastal towns of Goa and Mangalore are undergoing drastic transformations, with many scenic landscapes and historic structures rapidly disappearing. On Saturday, January 6, 2024, conservationist Heta Pandit, historian Alan Machado Prabhu, conservation architect Caroline Dsouza, and Harihara SS will explore the multifaceted history of Mangalore, emphasizing the people and events that have shaped the city's diverse and vibrant character.

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Committed to preserving and promoting the natural, architectural, and intangible heritage of Goa, Heta Pandit’s work bridges the past and present, striving to ensure that the city's history endures for generations. Alan Machado Prabhu, a prominent historian known for his insightful perspectives on the cultural evolution of Mangalore and Goa, will discuss the importance of a scientific perspective in understanding history. Caroline Dsouza, a conservation architect, will speak about the trading networks and evolution of towns like
Mangalore, and the cultural landscape of Tulunadu. Conducted by ELC and CFAL and hosted at TLC Art Cafe, the discussion will delve into Mangalore’s ancient roots, underscoring the significance of preserving and appreciating the diverse cultural influences that have shaped the city, as well as the challenges faced by those working in conservation.

Mangalore and Goa: Coastal Regions in Transition.
Mangalore shares a strong connection with Goa, a region just 300 km away. This relationship is evident not only in their geographical proximity but also in the historical interactions and cultural exchanges that have unfolded over centuries. However, under the broad narrative of “development,” the deep history and sustainable practices of generations are being overshadowed. Here, the work of conservationists like Heta Pandit stands as a guiding light in safeguarding Goa's rich heritage. Today, her team’s comprehensive approach towards conservation plays a pivotal role in preserving Goa's multifaceted
heritage for future generations. The collective efforts of conservationists, historians, students, and community members are indispensable for the appreciation, preservation, and development of local heritage.

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