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From Rockets to Robotics: Dive into a world of wonder at The Learning Centre’s STEAM Summer Camp

Mangalore, Apr 6, 2024: Picture this: launching model rockets into the sky, moulding clay into beautiful pots, exploring the depths of history through heritage walks, and coding their own robots to navigate obstacle courses. Each day is filled with new adventures, new challenges, and new friendships waiting to be forged.

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But it’s not just about the activities but the connections made along the way. The STEAM camp by The Learning Centre encourages bonding as children collaborate on projects, share ideas, and support each other’s creative endeavours. Whether they’re working together to build a miniature wall or exploring the art of characterisation in theatre, they’re building lasting memories that will extend far beyond the summer months.

The camp also places a lot of emphasis on spending time outdoors. In addition to outdoor play time every day, the children will also get to be part of birdwatching excursions, and intertidal walks along the shoreline, encouraging children to connect with the natural world around them, and fostering a sense of appreciation and stewardship for the environment. To deepen their connection with culture and history, participants will embark on a heritage walk, connecting with the rich heritage of Mangalore.

“Our camp offers a diverse range of activities designed to ignite creativity, inspire curiosity, and foster a love for learning. Participants will delve into the basics of carpentry, pottery, theatre, embroidery, and Warli art, allowing them to explore new forms of expression. For those with a passion for science and technology, our hands-on activities include launching model rockets, building bots, CD hoverboards, providing an exhilarating opportunity for scientific exploration,” shared, “ shared Vijay Moras, The Learning Centre, Managing Director.

But that’s not all! Children will also develop entrepreneurial skills through engaging business venture projects, where they’ll learn about ideation, investments, profit and loss, marketing, and sales—all while having fun and collaborating with their peers.

In a world where screens often dominate our attention, our summer camp offers a refreshing change of pace—a chance to unplug, explore, and engage with the world meaningfully. So join us this summer and let the adventure begin!

The Learning Centre’s summer camp begins on April 8 and will conclude on May 3, 2024 and is designed for children aged 8-16 years. The camp is being held at The Learning Centre campus in Bejai-Kapikad.

For more information on the summer camp contact: 6360238816, 9900415934, 7483414681

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