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Mangaluru Police Launches “Cobra” Two-Wheeler Traffic Patrol Vehicles to Improve Traffic Management

Mangaluru police have introduced four “Cobra” two-wheeler traffic patrol vehicles, with two allocated to Traffic East and West police stations respectively. The recent induction of these vehicles aims to improve response time and address traffic-related issues more efficiently in the city.

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On Tuesday, Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain officially launched the dedicated vehicles, highlighting their significance in tackling traffic concerns. Equipped with sirens and microphones, the patrol vehicles will enable the police to promptly respond to traffic incidents and accidents.

Commissioner Jain emphasized the vehicles’ role in streamlining parking and taking swift action against improper parking by utilizing wheel clamps and other appropriate measures. Furthermore, the teams will focus on clearing footpaths of unauthorized vendors, enhancing designated areas for smoother traversal. Additionally, the patrol vehicles will play a crucial role in managing VIP movements and assisting in creating green corridors to facilitate ambulance transportation.

The introduction of these specialized vehicles marks a significant step in improving traffic management within Mangaluru. As the department acquires more vehicles, the initiative is expected to expand to other police stations throughout the city. This implementation stands as a first-of-its-kind endeavor in Mangaluru, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of traffic control and accident response.

The city police commissioner flagged off the traffic patrol vehicles, alongside the presence of DCP (Crime and Traffic) BP Dinesh Kumar, ACP traffic subdivision Geetha Kulkarni, and other officials. Their combined efforts demonstrate a commitment to improving traffic management and ensuring the safety and convenience of the city’s residents. With the introduction of the Cobra traffic patrol vehicles in Mangaluru, the police department is poised to enhance its capabilities in managing traffic flow and addressing road-related incidents promptly. These efforts contribute to creating a safer and more efficient transportation environment for the residents of Mangaluru.

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