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#ProjectSuraksha, First Aid Kits For Emergencies In Mangalore Police Stations

  An interesting initiative has taken place in Mangalore, #ProjectSuraksha. The project basically is an attempt to reach out to the companion animals of our Mangalore Police Dept in different police stations through the means of First Aid kits for emergencies. 

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  The Project Suraksha was implemented by Mr Tauseef Ahmed who is also known as MrRescuer through the Instagram page, He is into Animal rescuing, Writing, and TedX speaking.

  Tauseef mentioned in his post ”Mangalore Police Dept has always been a strong pillar of support when it comes to animal rights in Mangalore. Every single time there has been an animal cruelty case, we have had the best of support from the cops. Not just this but if anyone has ever visited any police station for that matter in Mangalore, you will find dogs, cats and cows being fed and taken care of by the kind staff there. On one hand, you will see their tough image and on the other, the kindness is absolutely beautiful“. Tauseef mentioned this in his Instagram post.

First Aid Kit


Tauseef Rahman

  This very reason prompted us to dedicate this project to these wonderful people of the Mangalore Police department and our wonderful Commissioner Sir. #ProjectSuraksha basically means protectors, the project is dedicated to our protectors, he added.

  First aid kits for both humans and the animals at the police station will be handed over to all the police stations across Mangalore in the next few days. As a start, 5 sets were handed over to Kadri, Barke, Urwa, Bunder and Pandeshwar stations this morning.

  The project was flagged off by the honourable Commissioner of Mangalore Police  Shashi Kumar Sir himself after receiving the first-ever kit. Hereafter, both human and animal lives are definitely in safe hands.

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