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13 Govt Schools in Mangaluru have given a hi-tech upgrade and tagged as an e-smart School

Thirteen government schools in the city’s eight wards have been given a smart makeover and have been designated as e-smart schools. These schools are currently being handed over. To achieve this change, Rs 16 crore in development efforts were done. For Rs 11 crore, the Smart City project offered 13 schools with a school building, roof, flooring, compound wall construction of toilets and repairs, plumbing, electrical, sports area, and other services.

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The process of turning these schools into e-smart schools was done in the second package. Another five crore rupees were invested for this purpose. The funds were used to purchase 35 computer units for Rs 67.9 lakh, 35 ceramic boards for Rs 1.75 lakh, 392 management console software for Rs 9.8 lakh, laptops for Rs 97.92 lakh, 35 wireless sorts for Rs 97.92 lakh, charging cast for Rs 18 lakh, basic infrastructure for Rs 83 lakh, and electrical works for Rs 5 crore.

In the central market ward, government higher primary school Basti Garden, government higher primary school Neereshwallya in Fort ward, government higher primary school Pandeshwar and government practicing high school Hampankatta, both in cantonment ward, lower primary school and government high school Hoige Bazaar, both in Hoige Bazar ward, higher primary school (Urdu) Bunder, and government high school (Urdu) in Bunder ward, primary school Balmatta and sec.

Work on the Neereshwallya and Pandeshwar schools has been finished, and the schools have been turned over to the school governing body. Recently, two schools in Hoige Bazar and two more in Bolar ward, as well as a practising high school in Hampankatta, were opened. This work has been prioritized for Car Street School and Balmatta School, and they will be turned over soon. Basti garden and Bunder ward schools, as per Smart city authorities, have yet to be turned over. Smart City Ltd’s general manager mentioned that 13 schools were chosen to be transformed into e-smart schools by providing facilities and that all of the work has been finished that the process of transferring schools is now underway.

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