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Pranvi Akshay Honoured ‘Proud Kannadiga’ Award

A wunderkind, toddler Pranvi Akshay, has been awarded the ‘Proud Kannadiga’ award in season II by the founder Shashikumar Naidu, Hallmark Groups. Pranvi, is a nursery kid at Mount Carmel Central School (MCCS). Also, B M Harish, president of the Kannada Film Chamber recognised her as a child artist and felicitated her with the ‘Proud Kannadiga’ award.

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Pranvi has been recognized for her ‘incredible memory power’ by the Jockey Book of World Records and as ‘an extraordinary power grasping genius kid’ by the Kalam’s World Record.

As a toddler of one and half years, Pranvi has another set of new records which goes as follows:
Recognition and recital of numbers 1 to 10 in three different languages. – English, Hindi and Kannada.
Recitation of rhymes one in Kannada and three in English.
Recognizing the parts of the body
Singing of the National Anthem.
Recognizing the National Symbols(national song, animal, bird, flower, river, sport, fruit and the colours of the national flag)
Memorising the days of the week in English and Kannada language.
Reciting the Kannada letters of the alphabet and the vowels.
Reciting the English letters of the alphabet.
Identifying 12 different shapes.
Identifying 10 colours.
Chanting of 2 shlokas.

She has also participated and has been awarded accolades twice her age in Fancy dress competitions, Mono acting and singing at the State, National and International levels.

Pranvi with family

Celebrity Pranvi comes from Derebail, Mangaluru and is the proud daughter of Anupama V J and Akshay J, who is serving in the Indian Army.

The school management, staff, students and parents have congratulated Pranvi for her astounding abilities and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

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