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20 Storage Tanks To Supply Drinking Water To Be Built Across Mangaluru

In order to supply water to the residents of the city and also resolve the drinking water issues, Jalasiri Scheme, is being implemented with the aid of ADB (Asian Development Bank) across 20 parts of the city.

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Two, two-storey water storage tanks with a storage capacity of 10 lac liters will be constructed near Officers’ Club of Ladyhill and at Bala. Eight intermediate pumps will be constructed in different parts of the city in order to regulate continuous supply of drinking water to the residents of the city. 35 cents and 75 cents of land have been identified to build the storage tanks at Ladyhill and Bala respectively.

Two water purifying plants will be built at Thumbay. As water is leaking when water is transferred from the Thubay dam to the overhead tank and officials have not been able to contain the leak, the corporation officials have decided to install bulk flow meters from Thumbay Jackwell to the overhead tank, which will help them track the exact areas of leakage. 

The proposed water storage tanks will be built near Nandigudda grounds, Udayanagara, Kodipadi, Nehru Maidan, Amritnagar at Tiruvailu, Shaktinagar, Maryhill, Krishnapura, Morgans Gate, Meenakaliya near Panambur, Cemetery at Kankanady Valencia, Kunjathbail, Santhoshnagar at Pacchanady, near NITK, Nekkilagudda near Lohithnagara, Holyhill at Jayanagar, near J M Road at Bajal, Kana near Kulai, M V Shetty College near Kavoor and Kodikal.

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