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82% of employees prefer to work from home

With the COVID-19 epidemic causing unprecedented changes in the workplace, a survey found that 82% of respondents prefer working from home over returning to the office. The remote work trend was first imposed on employees owing to the pandemic. However, after two years, remote working has become a new normal, and as things have settled down, new habits have evolved.

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Working from home is more productive and less stressful for 64% of people. The study is an analysis of inputs from 100 plus C-suite and human capital leaders across four continents.

The new normal for HR has switched from interacting with face-to-face employees to engaging with remote employees who they only see electronically the majority of the time. Hiring personnel for full-time office presence is becoming increasingly challenging, compared to more than 80% of HR managers. Remote working has become popular among IT workers, providing employees more freedom and productivity while also requiring HR to be more accommodating. However, two years of remote working have given both businesses and employees a sense of greater flexibility.

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